Rain has not fallen in any measurable amount since the big storms that dropped almost 5 inches of precipitation in the Pierce County area aout 10 days . The rivers and especially the Rush River have become very clear for really the first time this spring making getting close to the trout without spooking them more difficult. The daytime sun has also caused the fish and the aquatic insects begin to switch over to a more summer like pattern feeding more actively in the dawn and dusk periods. Today it will feel like July with air temps reaching the 90’s. Water Temps are holding in the high 50’s low 60’s which is good. Sub-surface fishing has certainly been better than on top. Very little surface activity has been observed in recent days except for the evening window just before sundown and after. Some anglers are reporting a bit of sulfur activity in the evenings. A bit of clarification on the term “Sulfur”. I have heard the term “sulfur” being used to describe a number of different mayflies, colored from light tan/yellow to granny smith  green and shades in between. These same mayflies range in size from # 20 to size 12. Anglers  used this term  as a general description of a group of mayflies. This is not one species with one pattern to match.

It would be great to have a picture and size desription of your “Sulfur”. Email me a photo if you get the chance. It might be worth it. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.