The response on and off the site was great to the hare question. There were a ton of answers and it was a blast to read them all. Even the ones that were way off the mark. Thanks. The first right answer to both of the questions was given by Matt Anderson at 9:12 AM. Hares sleep in a “form” or “forms” and the newborns are called “leverets”. ¬†Apparently I also used the term rabbit and hare interchangeably which is incorrect. They are different animals. I used rabbit incorrectly as a common name. That is on me. I learned something new. Because I screwed up you get another chance. Watch for the next opportunity to win coming this week.

The rivers in Pierce county are clearing at the edges but still chocolaty mid-river. Tomorrow may be fishable but one more day may be better. Rain is in the forcast. I will keep you updated.

Thanks again for all the responses.