It is not often that I review a new product. It is even rarer when I like almost everything about it. Scientific Anglers is getting set to introduce their new tippet spools. Tippet spools you say; Whats the big deal?

First, I have to admit I had a small hand in helping test and give input on the final product. I have extensively tested this product for over a year, and now it’s ready to go. If any bias is perceived by the reader it will be crushed when you actually use the product.

How it works

The engineers at 3M have thought of it all on this one. Each spool is fitted with a micro cutter. Pull the tippet out of the handy threaded spool tender so that it feeds an inch past the cutter.  Reverse the tippet back across the cutter and tug. Zip…… the mono or Fluorocarbon(eventually it will be on all Scientific Angler Tippet spools) cuts the perfect length like a knife through butter. No reaching for your nipper, hold the spool and pull, clean and simple. The cutter is super sharp and hidden within the spool so there is no worries about ever getting your fingers or any other part of your anatomy injured,,,,,,, genius. The cuts are sharp and clean so there is no mushroomed end of your tippet. The cutter eliminates the problems caused by cheap bladed nippers that gnaw through your tippet and make it difficult to thread the cut end through the eye of the fly. Each spool is also designed with a fitted hub that allows each tippet spool to spin as an individual rather than having all of your stacked spools spinning at once like with brand-X, brand-R, Brand-U, Brand-F and Brand-O. I tell you this system works in harmony and makes a significant improvement in way you will dispense and cut the ever so important product that attaches to those beautifully crafted fish foolers at the end of our rigs.

What I don’t like

I would have preferred the folks at Scientific Anglers put a cutting edge(pun)name on the new tippet spools like “The Bomb” but I think 3M’s homeland security put the kibosh on that name right off the bat. Maybe something like the “Rock Star” or “Sliced Bread System” would have been better but you might have gotten the idea that it was for a smaller demographic like musicians  or bakers who fly fish and 3M wanted to reach out to everyone on this one. Just blame corporate America for the lack of imagination in the naming process.

This product will begin to arrive shortly in shops. There is absolutely no reason not to pick yourself up a stack of sizes that fit your particular needs. I have no doubt you will be as impressed as I was. The process of dispensing and cutting has just become easier,,,, better,,, faster.  As fly anglers are all keen to new ideas and “new stuff”. This one takes the cake and slices it!

Next year I am pulling for the innovators at Scientific Anglers to add a bottle opener…….Pure bliss.

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