The rain added a bit of moisture to the soil but that is about it. Water levels are slightly low and clarity is like there is no water in the stream at all,,,,,soooooooo clear. Anglers must take care to be extra stealthy until we get some color back in the system. Friends out last evening found the catching part of fishing to be somewhat difficult and fish spooky. Target broken water and try swinging wet flies(soft hackles) down stream. The further you can stay away from the fish the better. Swinging wet flies down stream shows the fly to the fish first, rather than casting a bulky two fly, strike indicator, split shot rig above them or throwing a line over the top of the fish while dry fly fishing. Adapt, change, move  and keep a low profile. Good luck? I will be on the Kinni today from 2-6 teaching a class for Bob Mitchell’s fly shop.  Say Hi if you see us.