All Smiles

Most of the crew was on the water and ready to rumble by 10 am. The water conditions were as we had feared, high and deeply stained. The weather was cold, cloudy and windy. The water temperature hovered at a frigid 37 degrees, and it did not rise. However, the show must go on, and it did.

A Little Lost Ball

To keep it short and sweet, most of the crew fished for an hour at most. Two of us a little more. Fish were mostly not caught on Saturday. Mostly caught was some fabulous food, home brews, craft brews and Bailey’s Irish Creme. Camp fire stories were rampant, and laughter was heard throughout the heart of the lower Kinni valley. There was joyous news of a wedding to come, which I am certain raised the bar on festivities. Every Kayaker we saw was invited to the party to eat and drink (surprisingly, there were two). There were tall boys and dogs, Jameson and flasks of Kinnickinnic. There were melted wading boots and the warming magic of the wood fire. Near the end of our day there were wrestling matches and broken chairs. An obligatory visit to the Keebler┬áTree was made at sunset. The day was complete. At 6 pm we started the walk up the hill. It was painful. We almost lost a member of the crew. We found him and reeled him in.

The evening would begin shortly …… The story will continue…..

Chris Looking for Elves

Today the Rush fished nicely. The water temp was 41, which made a big difference in the feeding activity. Slow, slow water seams fished best all weekend. This last water episode changed the under water landscape once again. The fish will have to search out some new homes. 10 different patterns worked. All of them the common patterns you would expect. Nothing odd about that. The fish will continue to feed as the water temps rise. All it takes some times is a 1 degree water temp rise to get the fish feeding. Be well.

Jimmy, Feeling the Love