County Trunk F bridge crossing lower Kinni

Just thought I would give you all an early reminder about a construction project that has been waiting in the wings since 2006. Access to the bridge, the State Park parking lot and Co Trunk F in the section that approaches and spans the Kinnickinnic river will be closed for most of the 2012 trout fishing season. This will remove a major recreational access point from the Kinni for this year. I sent an email to Chad Johnson who is the commissioner of the Pierce County Highway Department and I received a quick response. I will post a link to the construction project page when it has been updated. Here is what he had to say;

The CTH F Clifton Hollow Bridge replacement project is scheduled to be let
in April 2012. It usually takes about one month for the Wisconsin
Department of Transportation to execute a contract with the successful
bidder. I would anticipate construction to start in late May 2012. The
road will be closed during construction, including the CTH FF intersection.
Construction limits for road reconstruction start north of 770th Avenue, and
end north of 820th Avenue. Minimal grading is required at the ends of the
project, so I anticipate minor disruptions to traffic accessing 820th
Avenue. The State Park parking lot on CTH F will be closed during
construction, predominantly for safety reasons. Prior to completion of the
project, the lot will be resurfaced, and a new driveway into the lot
constructed. The river will remain open during construction, with signage
placed in the water alerting users of construction activity, and advanced
signing placed in River Falls notifying users that road access at CTH F is

When completed, the roadway will have truck climbing lanes on both north and
south hills, have improved alignment, a retaining wall on the north side of
the bridge north of the parking lot, and most importantly a new bridge.

The project will be completed in late October or early November, 2012.

Please let me know if you have other specific questions that I can answer to
assist you with your article.

Chad Johnson