The inland trout season ended in fine fashion. Sunny days were the rule for the last few days of the season. From numerous reports, anglers had mixed results. Our day began and ended well. A beautiful true 16″ brown was hooked and landed in the first 30 min. The action continued in spurts all day long. Doug and I had a similar day last year during the last week of the season. This year was a bit better and neither one of us thought that the sunny weather would let us have a repeat of the great day we had last season.

Part of the reason for our success was because the B-52’s showed up again. These bugs had been out in mass for the last week of the season and provided my clients some great fishing. The B52’s are a nick name that I have given to the large water beetles that are flying about at this time of year on all of the rivers in Pierce county that I fish and guide. These beetles are lumbering fliers and hit the water with a big splat. The beetles most of the time immediately swim to the bottom and bury themselves in the silt or sand. As they awkwardly swim about they are easily picked off by the trout.  The water beetle provides a big meal for the trout, and they gorge  themselves on this high calorie food source. Above is a nice picture of my friend, so remember this for next year. I have never seen a commercially tied pattern for this “hatch”. This big beetle is one to have tucked away in the corner of your box. It would be interesting to see what different patterns you might come up for this beetle.  It can be our little secret for those who know about this beetle.

The beginning of the search for the monsters of Superior’s tributaries is right around the corner. I will keep you posted.