This was sent to me by a follower of the Gray Goat Blog, Unfortunatly the dick heads are out there. Keep an eye out for the thieves

Just a word of warning for fellow fly fisherman. Someone broke into the back of my truck tonight and stole about $3,000
work of fly reels and other equipment. Orvis Battenkill Bar Stocks, Mid Arbors and a Orvis Frequent flyer rod 5 wt fast tip. Didn’t break into cab of truck, just slashed the truxedo top and grabbed stuff out. (back tailgate was locked)They were specifically looking for fishing equipment. Tools and brand new sander were left alone.
occurred between between 4:30 pm and 6:45 pm on 9/28. On the good side I caught a nice 12 and 14 inch brown. Caught nymphing with the Bentley’s Balls.

Please pass on the warning so people don’t end up in my situation.