Thanks for being patient, I know I have not been keeping you up to date lately and this report will be short. Last Tuesday’s storm put the streams off for a few days. Some waters in the area are holding onto a bit of color yet are fully fishable. Today the lower Kinni fished better in the mid afternoon rather than the morning, which I thought was a but odd since it was a nice cool morning. We saw very few tricos in the air and no fish on them. Trout were sipping extremely small black flying ants in the slowdown current closest to the bank. Very Spooky! #18, #20 soft hackle hares ears, larva boy and Bloody princes took fish. I changed patterns 15 times before I found the consistency I wanted at “catching” with the S.H. hares ears. The fish seemed to be in the secondary rif’s and runs and in skinny water. The primary runs and holes fished poorly today for some reason. Fish were almost all cookie cutters in size; no big one, no small one. Crazy!