Water on the lower Kinni was off color today and fished a bit slow in the AM. Water temps from the recent rains have dropped the water temps from 60 to 56. About 18″ of clarity this morning but clearing from the dam down by late afternoon. The upper was clear by 2PM. Sporadic rises were seen all day but few bugs in the air or on the water. The Cheddar Head Crane fly did its work today outsmarting and catching its share of fish today. This yellow/tan crane fly was the prevalent insect in the air today. Waiting on the PAD hatch, some heat might help it along. I am unsure of the water conditions on the Rush river today and am awaiting a report. I fear substantial rains will push the rivers off again. A friend lost a box of flies this week on the south fork of the Kinni. If you have found one please drop me an email.

To all of you who have called me or emailed me in the last two weeks, I apologize for being a slug in not getting back to you. The goat has been very busy and the next 10 days will be the same. I am sorry for the poor response time, in advance.

Fished a bit with Stu from Stu’s World Famous Fly Shop today. Stu is here from New Zealand and is a guest of Paige Olson’s at Kinni Creek Lodge and Outfitters Stu is an internationally known guide and Outfitter on New Zealand’s South Island. Check out both of their websites. These are good people, support them when you can.
Fished the St.Croix for bass on Saturday and the wind and high water just about blew us up and off the water. The fish were there but controlling the boat was extremely difficult and needless to say the casting was a challenge. Class five or six sink tip lines were the ticket in the high water to get your offering on the bottom where the fish were. We caught walleye, pike, and oh yes, smallies. Olive Clouser minnows ruled.
That’s all for now.