A lot has happened in the last two weeks. First, the rivers in Pierce county are in good shape and flowing heavy with current. Fish are looking up and a variety of winged insect life has begun to emerge. I would say that you can now be comfortable throwing the dry with the likelihood that some wayward trout may take a snap at it.  Baetis, caddis, midges, stone-flies and crane flies have all made appearances.  The epic gray caddis hatches that happened this year in southeast Minnesota that brought anglers to the streams in droves, mostly took place in Pierce County during the week that the trout season was closed in Wisconsin. I was out on a few of those days(with only my camera)and witnessed their flight and the feeding frenzy that followed. I cried, but then quickly got over it. Better luck next year.

The weather is warming and it looks and feels like we are finally out of winter(do I dare say that?). Rain, hail, snow and

Dutchman's Breeches

sleet have dominated our weather pattern for the last few weeks. The forest and fields are greening up fast, and soon the undergrowth will be knee high. Morel mushrooms are popping up and the heat should bring forth more fungi treasures from the earth. Traveling stream-side trails is a perfect at this time and wild flowers are displaying spectacular color and variety. Get out there and see spring before it disappears in a week.

A new shipment of CDC has arrived in the hooves hands of the Goat(I love this 3rd person stuff). For those of you that tie flies this is the good stuff. Straight from the butt of the duck to you! These feathers are of incredible quality and from the ducks that reside in the Midwest. It is natural(the way I like it) right off the bird so it has retained the full compliment of oil and fluff that makes these feathers the bomb when it comes to float-ability. These packages have literally hundreds of usable feathers and puffs, not the 25 or 50 count packages that are on the commercial market today. The bags are 5″x 5″. One of the two duck CDC is from Mallard ducks and is dark gray. This color is perfect for imitating the wing and body color of many of our mayfly and caddis species.  The other is from white farm ducks and is perfect for winging or dying. The Goose is the largest of the three varieties and is a lighter gray color.  The Goat sold out of his stock at the Greatwaters Fly Fishing Expo and is pleased to replenish this popular product. Look for all three varieties to appear on the shopping cart later today. As with all the products that the Goat sells, if you’re not happy I’ll buy you a bottle of Horny Goat Beer and we can talk.

Mallard Duck CDC

The Goat caught a nice fish this week. She is a pretty girl. On the picture above, my photographer found that the fish was much more becoming than the Goats head. Sometimes the Goat loses his head when he catches a nice trout.