In the file cabinets of my memory there are some drawers that are never re-opened,,,,,,,,,,until a photograph comes along.¬†Each time I don the gear of the fly angler there is anticipation of adventure. The chance to walk among the surrounding life and observe the interactions is exhilarating. It is part of my being. The reinforcement of how small and how large my effect on what remains of our wild places is a reminder of life’s fragility. The details of people, place and experience that are so closely intertwined in the present, can sometimes be lost to memory with the passing of time. Photographs are many times the only true reminders of the memories we share with others. With just a passing glance they can remind us of details forgotton regarding events in our lives. Upon closer inspection, the minute details in a photo can allow the viewer to re-discover the significance of a lost story or the importance of a lesson learned. Recollection can become emotional. Photography is a craft and a contribution that has enabled us to document not only our own history, but the history of the world. Those who are passionate about it, do it well.

Photographs of our selves are many times the pictures we are most critical of. Mostly we never feel these pictures capture who we are. We question if we look too fat or too skinny, or are astounded at the size of our nose. The pictures of us with friends are acceptable because it is the others in the photos that trigger the pleasurable(sometimes not) memories. The fact that we had a bad hair day in those photos becomes less important(I think Donald Trump really thinks his hair looks good all the time). Photo Portraits rarely turn out to our liking but we understand that those images are generally for others.

Jacob Gibb is a friend and a professional photographer. He has taken a number of photos of me while fishng by myself and with friends. I like them all. We have gone on trips together and shared a few beverages. I never know if he is fishing the pool ahead of me or secretly hidden somewhere in the shrubbery, snaping photos. He is crafty. Sometimes we go out with the intention of taking pictures and he will tell me what he sees through the lens. I like the photos because they are pictures of the fishermen; old, grizzly, and content. Images captured in places where I enjoy being, where I fit in. The chance to stare back into my own eyes at that moment in time allows me to remember every detail. Details about the nuance of shimmering water and how the air smelled. They are powerful, mostly to me.

Today a friend from Tennesee sent me to a link to the new issue of Catch Magazine. Brian Okeefe, who many of you may have met, or have viewed his photographs, is a regular at Tom Helgesons Greatwaters Fly Fishing Expos. Brian likes grass roots shows like the Greatwaters and is one of the owners of this popular on line fly fishing magazine. My friend told me there was an image of me in the magazine. It was one of Jacobs. One I like.

Strong work on the national exposure Jacob. You think I look a little heavy?:)

Above is a photo taken by Tim Pommer of Jacob and a friend. Below is another of his photos I like.