Tomorrow volunteers will be out in force cleaning up trash and garbage from the Rush River in Western Wisconsin. Meeting time is 9AM at the Ellsworth Rod and Gun Club, Hwy 72 and the Rush River. Attend if you can, it is a good cause. It is also a good excuse to get out and fish. This is a message from the organizer.

Hello valued volunteers,

We’re busily chopping and stirring preparing for a lunch for around 200 Clean Up volunteers. The Laughing Trout have come through big time with a grill crew for our burgers and a soda staff for our refreshments. The bar downstairs at the club will also open at 11 if we didn’t get your brand. Tony Halek of Cub Foods has made a great donation and Fairmount Minerals will be bringing us cookies.

Sadly, there has been a fish kill on the very upper reaches of the Rush near Centerville. None of you will be expected to pick up dead fish, but its a reminder of what vigilence and stewardship can mean to the resource. About a mile was affected. We’ll confine our efforts to areas south of there and pick up trash and recyclables.

If you’d like to take water with you for your work, please fill a reusable water bottle at home. Looks like the weather will be sunny and slightly cool.