72By 6pm today the fate of the Rush River was sealed. Lost Creek looked like Willy Wonka had located his factory on Lost and began to pump uber chocolate into the main stem of the river. Moving above Lost Creek was better than below, but not by much. The river began the day reasonably clear with the river gaining water. The top photo was from the 72 bridge at 6pm. I did not go above 72 but with the current air temp at 42 and water running everwhere it is unlikely that any water is clear. I repeat, I did not see the water Above HWY72. On the way home all the water I crossed had gone off color. By the looks of the guage on the Kinni that water is likely done as well. The river fished well today, small stones and large ones. I will let you kow when the waters are back. Here are a few photos from the day. Just got a report from the Whitewater area, it seems that the branches of that river are muddy as well.


All Stones


Bigger Stone