Waters are in great shape throughout Pierce County as the count down to opener continues. Yesterday’s 42 degrees melted off almost no snow into the rivers as they remain at stable, clear levels. Snow! Yes, there is snow of varying depths blanketing the valleys and uplands. Although it is diminishing on a daily basis it is still quite deep in spots and will make traveling on foot any distance more difficult. There is now a crust layer on top that will not support the weight of an average man. This means that each step will be a breakthrough step and will work those quadriceps even more. Snow shoes are suggested for anyone planning on going any distance, or following behind someone with snow shoes will probably work as well. There is some signs of bare ground peaking through on the Upper Kinni and in the farm fields, meaning a bit more snow has melted off. There is also less snow on the south slopes. There are still drifts though, everywhere.

The extended forcast looks like temps in the high 20’s or low 30’s with a mix of sun, snow and clouds. This weather is just what the doctor ordered for the opening week of fishing.