Seasons Greetings Goat Keepers

It is December, and our whole family of goats, dogs, horses and humans would like to wish you well during this season of celebration. We are excited about what is to come for 2011 and would like to take you with us on our journey.

Fly Tying and Fly Casting Classes

As the snow continues to pile up outdoors and we wait for the warmth of spring to reappear, it is time to build our army of flies for the 2011 fishing season. Once again this year I will be holding fly tying classes at the Staring Lake Nature Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. This setting is perfect for you to begin learning to tie flies in the Beginners Classes or improve the skills you already possess in the Intermediate Classes. The sessions are once again composed of 4 classes and scheduled for Friday nights. The timing of the tying classes will enable students to also sign up and attend the evenings Casting Classes which will once again take place at the Prairie Dome; located on the Eden Prairie High School Campus. Give this great gift of fly tying or fly casting lessons to someone you know or go ahead and spoil yourself and live life with a little adventure.  You won’t be disappointed. Sign up on line at the given links or call 952-949-8470 for more information. These classes are also listed at on the classes page.

Fly Tying On The Website

This winter I will be hard at work at the fly tying vice. My attempt will be to show you the standard, successful patterns that I use most, but more importantly, a look into innovative fly tying. Questions like; How do good patterns become great patterns? How are new patterns created? and What makes a fly pattern effective? will be addressed.  As tiers, the means to creating new successful patterns are only limited by our drive to uncover materials already existing and then apply imaginative twists to their application.  Let’s take thinking and imagination in fly tying to a different level. Let’s delve into the innards of your brain. The point of fly tying is to create, to push the limit. Creating something different is where I have the most fun in fly tying. Sure, tying the old standard patterns is fulfilling because you need them in your arsenal to be successful at catching. Tying known patterns also hones your tying skills. But it is the new creations that are the most rewarding to tie and catch fish on. You already know the old patterns lure fish to feed. The question is; Can you create something that works better? I think you can! Set an RSS feed on your computer to Gray Goat and follow along through a winter’s worth of tying entertainment. Ask questions, provide input, we can learn from each other.

Gift Certificates

Remember, Gray Goat Fly Fishing has gift certificates for products and services to give as gifts to your friends and family. Give a Guided Trip Certificate to your favorite fly angler today.

New Products

I am slowly adding new products to the site. Something you can’t find? A product you think I should carry? Drop me an email.  If you haven’t looked lately, check out the standard products, like Doc Goodkind’s print, flies and materials, at