Just thought you might like to look at what is in the steelhead box for some of my trailer flies.

Pink Herl

Similar to the pink squirrel but different. TMC2499 #12 , peacock, brown hackle, pink Ice dub, clear glass bead

Black and Tan

TMC 2499#12, Black small wire Tan flymaster+thread body, black marabou, tan partridge, gold glass bead.

Peacock Soft Hackle

TMC3761 #10-12, Peacock herl, olive CDC dubbing, brown partridge.

Swing Caddis

TMC2499#12 olive magic dub, peacock herl, gray partridge.

Egg Beater brn/pink

Egg Beater Brn/or

Egg Beater Blk/Char

TMC 200R, Mcflyfoam egg, marabou tail, gold wire, spanflex body, marabou thorax, partridge hackle, gold glass bead.

Christmas tree

TMC2499 #12, small black wire, Fl.Char. ultra thread, blk marabou, blk partridge, red glass bead.

Head Case, orange

Head Case Blk/yel

TMC 2499 #12, Orange- Silk body, gray CDC dubbing, gray partridge, orange plastic bead

Black and Yellow- black sparkle braid body, silver wire, Yellow marabou, black partridge, yellow plastic bead.