Crescentspot Butterfly?

Over an inch of rain fell last night. Flow rates on the river were unavailable at the time of this post. My guess is that all of the rivers took a hit. Reports from the upper Kinni is that it looks a bit chocolaty. The upper Rush only received a half inch last night so the upper section was reported to be fine. I have no information on how the Rush looks from hwy 72.

Heat continues to play its part. By 11 am yesterday it was like the switch turned off. Anglers caught fish from 6 am to 11 and then they turned off. It seems we are switching to the summer schedule where trout are active morning and evening. Small midge larva(20-24) in white, cream and zebra were the most effective patterns. Dry fly, dropper was effective in the shallower ┬árif’s and runs. look for ants and beetles to pick up in popularity with the fish.

I think the butterfly in the picture is one of the crescentspot’s. It decided to make its resting spot in a perfect location on one of my client’s hat. It stayed there for well over an hour. Thought it was a nice image