The rain has not messed things up. I was on the river all day yesterday. When we left the water, it was clear. Once again there was a number of different bugs on the surface and in the air. Anglers commented that they were throwing everything in their box at them with less than expected results. Catching was tougher yesterday than one would have thought with similar conditions to Saturday’s feeding frenzy. From the reports I received from a number of anglers dry fly fishing became tougher and nymphing produced fish more consistently. Bugs you should carry right now  are Blue wings in all stages with body colors from light to dark olive and green apple, Darth Vader, Crane flies in Lt. yellow, PMD’s, and spinners for these flies. The fish were on the  spinners  in a few different colors the last few days. Watch the rise forms and observe what is floating by. Matching the bugs is one way to solve the riddle. Don’t forget your Bloody Princes, Kinni nymphs and P. Tails.  They worked well sub-surface.