The front that passed through at the end of last week and the subsequent warm, humid and windy weather has made the catching and fishing more challenging. Although overcast skies have been the rule for the last few days, the fish seemed less active than the week before when sunny skies dominated. No patterns seemed to produce consistently and change, change, change, adjust, adjust, adjust was all one could do. Fast water held more fish than slow deep water, but as we continue to see no rain there seems to be a dwindling supply of that type of water. Conventional anglers were finding worms working better than the spinners that worked well the week before. Needless to say I think the weather did have some effect on the feeding activity of the fish. Water levels on the Kinni are slightly below the average but not dramatically. The Rush appears lower, slower and clearer than I have seen it this spring. After the next two unstable days, look for temps to cool and fishing should return to normal….whatever that is. No new hatches to report.