The last 3 days have been transition days. The transition has been in the weather and here is how it has effected the fishing in the area. Previous to Friday the 14th of May the weather had been cool(40-50’s), rainy and overcast. Extra layers of clothing were once again added and time spent in the outdoors and on the water was like the early April we never had. The bugs were hatching and it was if someone was filming an episode of Trout Gone Wild. On Friday we saw the sun. It felt good and was a pleasure to bask in its warmth once again.. The sun changed the fishing game though. Once again you could easily see how clear the rivers have become since the rivers have not had a high water event since the snow melt of March. Sun and clear water can make catching fish more challenging, but the cool water temps and the active fish still remained. Dry fly action was a bit more sparse but caddis have been popping up on the local rivers during the mid day time period. Some searching is necessary but rising fish can still found eating crane flies and BWO’s also. Nymphs that produced included crane fly larva, hares ears, and almost anything else that was reasonably presented ¬†in deeper pockets and runs. The target water was any pool, pocket or run deep enough so that you could not see the bottom. Fishing has become progressively¬†difficult in the last 3 days but still has been quite good. Make sure you have the light colored mayflies of summer ready and on alert. They are the next big hatches to come.

To the Trout Unlimited Folks who had the winning bids on my donated trips and the  students in the last two days of schools, thank you for your support and for putting up with my stories and my constant babble. You made each of the days on the Kinni a memory. Here are some of the pics