Fat and Fierce

Landed on the river about noon today and spent the first hour just talking to other anglers that were parked in the same spot or drive byes who stopped to chat. The day was stunning with temps in the 60’s and a bit of color to the river ,most visible in the deeper pools. The first few hours were slow with a fish touched here and there, but the deep pools were not as active as I thought they might be. I changed flies 12 times, adjusted weight and depth every 5 casts and generally went about my normal business. I checked numerous spots that I had not fished yet this year to see how they had fared through the high water and winter. Fishing by all accounts was a bit slow. The stone-flies were in the air at mid afternoon, but the fish seemed to mostly shun our offerings even in what looked to be fabulous water. A few fish were caught by our group of three with tens and twelves as the norm.

Urged by my friend Casey to stay and fish for the last hour of daylight-proved to be worth it. This little piggy ate my stonefly in the top of a fast water drop. Although I hate taking pictures like this, the fight and the beauty of this male were worthy of a memory.

A high note for the day was the welcome addition of a new Sharkskin fly line on my reel which I installed riverside this afternoon. I had not changed fly lines in two years. My old line was cut and cracked and dirty. The performance of this old line was pathetic and I knew it. I have always liked the Sharkskin lines but have used them mostly on my bigger rods for trout out west, steelhead or smallmouth bass fishing where casting distance and long mending are necessary. 3M has continued to improve the floatability and slickness of this line, and it was a dream to cast and mend, even on the smaller waters of Western Wisconsin. Today I was convinced, that for the way I fish, this is the best line that is out there.