Dawn asked:

My father is just starting to tie. I was hoping to find him a book that has information from a left handers point of view.

Any ideas?

Thanks Dawn

PS was directed to your site from Dr. T at Northwestern Health Sciences. She got me started and I passed it along to my dad.

Thanks Dawn

Great Question
Fly tying involves manipulation of thread and materials with both hands. When I have a beginner who has not tied before, and is left hand dominant, I have found it easier to teach them to tie right handed, just like you do. The coordination involved in tying involves both hands almost to an equal degree. The secret is convincing the student that there is no difference, because there really isn’t. This technique has been much more successful than trying to teach everything in reverse, from right hand dominant tiers. The teacher has to be to be able to tie left handed to effectively teach it, otherwise the student ends up more confused and frustrated than if they were self taught. If the student absolutely does not respond to this method, a book with step by step pictures of the flies will work fine. Left hand dominant people have had to figure out how to do things in reverse for a long time, since it is a right hand dominant society and most things are written from that point of view. Their brains are pretty good at figuring out the reverse of what they see, to achieve the task. Learning to tie flies is helped for most folks by watching someone else tie. No matter if you are right handed or left it is the nuance of the hand manipulations that written materials cannot duplicate that is very helpful to the beginner as well. Good Luck! Let me know how it turns out. It has always been a pleasure to work with Doctor T.