I think the time to get out and fish the Southeast of Minnesota is now and  the next few days. Realize that all but the fastest water will be Ice covered because of the cold temps of the last 20 days. There is at least 10  inches of snow in the valleys and most of it is crusty on top which will make for difficult walking. With Temps rising above freezing there may be some melting of snow, so fishing may be best in the morning before the run off starts(if it happens at all). Right now at 2PM my thermometer shows 30 degrees with little sign of melt. Patterns that should work would be your standard Bloody Prince Nymph 10-14, Scud in olive, tan, or orange 12-16 and Pheasant Tail or Kinni Nymph in 16-20.

Brother Bill all dolled up

I won’t be able to get out myself until early next week. I hope all of you winter anglers break up those ice shelves for me so I have a clear drift through those deep holes.
Good fishin