IMG_2133I hate to admit to myself that the Wisconsin Inland Trout Season ends today. I was just having so much fun this year and can’t imagine the season being over. This year was different, like they all are. It was also the same, like they all are. There were a few large fish and a few of the smallest fish I have ever caught. There were days where there were no fish caught under 12 inches and there were days when no fish were caught! The rain days were few during the 2009 season and the water temps remained cool throughout the summer. The major hatches came strong and lasted reasonably long. Anglers needed to be stealthy stalkers and accurate casters this year with the water remaining very clear throughout the season.  I spent more time on the water this year guiding, teaching and fishing than ever before. To all of you that took a trip or a school from me, Thank You, I think we learned something from each other and that is how it should be.

Gordo and I fished the last Monday of the season this week. We have kept that schedule for the last 11 years. The wind howled and the temps dropped through the floor for the first time this season. We caught some fish, we talked about life. We  had fun. He started a new job last month.

Mom Nature hit us with our first frost of the season and the Brule is seeing a little rain for the first time in a month. The Dark now comes early and I can feel the stir of the big fins moving from the big lakes to the little rivers. The electronics deep within my body have taken the call and plan to respond.

I ended my Minnesota Trout season last week with the fish at the top of the page. It was a stream I had not fished before. Even the blind squirrel can find a nut,,,,,sometimes.

Tonight I will end on the Kinni and Finish strong.