Bend That Rod

The recent rains and end of August cool down have pushed the first signals of seasonal change to the forefront. The water temps are as cool as I have seen them for this time of year, most readings have been in the high 50’s this week. The early morning tricos are now the early afternoon tricos, At least for now. Yesterday, the clouds of bugs were there but there was never any fish activity that was visible because of their activity. Numerous anglers were seen on the River Ridge Road section but many left before noon claiming little to no luck on catching. I believe that temps just needed to warm a bit and by shortly after noon we began to take fish regularly on the Bloody Prince and Kinni nymphs. Fish were holding in both deep slow water and at the drops and tails of riffs.

On Thursday, the evening shift was good with some gray caddis and craneflies after 7PM but few fish were up on them. The most stunning detail was how soft the take was if you were sub-surface fishing. Focus on the indicator had to be intense to detect the take and reaction had to be lightning quick. Any, let me re-phrase, ANY, hesitation in setting the hook after detecting the almost undetectable mouthing of the fly would result in Zip. It continues to amaze me after almost 30 years of fishing over these same families of trout how their habits change throughout the year. Each year the signals are there to tell me I must change my focus as well, but unless I can recognise the music and feel the beat that those who are truly members of natures band experience, I all to often miss out on some of the pleasures.

Lastly, there has been a rod tip lost in the mid section of the lower Kinni by one of the Gray Goats readers. If you find it let me know.

Believe it or not the steelhead season is fast approaching. I have started tying and a number of questions have been asked. Don’t miss this upcoming information if you chase after this cold water shadow.