img_1733Each of the last 3 days the blue wings(baetis) have made an appearance in the afternoon. The cool and overcast conditions that they favor have been with us for a while but will probably change today. This mayfly has jet black wings and is the darkest olive I have ever seen. The size is an 18 or 20 with a slim body. The fish went bonkers for them but they would also take a number of light colored caddis and mayfly patterns. The fish were up but the fishing was not easy. The best approach was to find an active fish and pepper it with casts. Long drifts covering lots of water did not work as well as targeting one fish and putting 20 casts through his three foot window. Work your casts just above to just below the area where the fish rose, pick the fly up and cast it again it again. Small(18-20 )p. tails worked well for nymphing.