olive mayfly

olive mayfly

The recent hatching of BWO’s prompted this next fly in a continuing list of fly patterns you should not be without. Although I am sharing these flies with you so that they coincide with the hatches on my home water in Wisconsin, these weekly patterns will work on trout all over the world and have become the staples in my fly boxes. These favorite patterns have come to me over many hours of trial and error, through the advice of other guides and anglers and through the creative talents of tiers at their vices continuing the quest for the perfect imitation. I thank them all for making me a better angler.  I never share them all and unless you get a peak at my boxes, they will remain a secret. All trout anglers have secrets!

sc01The CDC Biot comparadun has become a go to pattern in the slower, flatter sections of water I like to fish for finicky larger trout. The fish in these even speed water stretches have the luxury of closely examining every morsel of food they eat. They are truly a challenge, but the occasional reward is worth it. This pattern has worked more consistently than many of the others provided the angler has the ability to drop it softly to the water. Its low profile float, distinct segmentation and its slim body makes it as good an imitation as it gets. I tie this same pattern for the PMD’s and Mahogany dun’s. The color of this picture is not an exact match to the fly but it is a darker olive than the photo shows.

CDC Comparadun BWO

Hook: standard dry fly  #16-20

Thread: olive 8/0 or smaller diameter

Tail: clear micro-fibets

Body: Olive goose biot

Thorax: olive fine and dry dubbing or similar

Wing: Natural dun CDC/wood duck or mallard flank(barred)