Red Head-Spectre Soft Hackle

Red Head-Spectre Soft Hackle

This pattern, in recent times, came from California tier Dean Endress. With some Midwest adjustment it became the Red Head. This fly fishes well year round and is a staple for me. The pattern is basically a soft hackle hares ear tied with red thread. In early spring fish it in small sizes(18-20) to imitate the midges and small mayfly nymphs in the system. As the season progresses, I will fish this fly in larger sizes up to size #10. Don’t be scared to reverse that thought occasionally. I have caught some whoppers on the larger sizes in early spring. Put a bead on it and sink it deep. This is also a steelhead fly for me in size #14 and up. I hope you like it. Click on the image to see full size detail

Red Head Recipe

Hook: 1x or 2x long heavy wire nymph hook

Thread: Red, to fit hook size

Tag: Red thread

Rib: Gold Wire

Body: Rabbit dubbing (natural) 

Collar: Partridge soft hackle