Weeping Wall, Lower Kinni, Sat. Feb 14

Weeping Wall, Lower Kinni, Sat. Feb 14, 2009


Kayaked the Lower Kinnickinnic River on Saturday. Stunning and cold. Notice the kayak and John in the background to understand the scale of the wall springs.

Just a quick reminder that the last session of the Eden Prairie Casting school will begin on Friday the 20th of February. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your casting skills just before the beginning of the season and have fun at the same time. Here is the info once again:

Session #2: Friday- February 20, 27, March 6, 13, 20   9PM to 10PM    Cost for 5 classes $100.00US  #24588

For Registration and Payment: contact Eden Prairie Parks and Recreation Dept. at 952-949-8470 and ask for #24588.


Every Saturday in the spring I will be going fishing………. hopefully with you.

The Gallery School is a fun and educational new format to “on-stream” schools and blends a combination fishing and observing without the large number of anglers of traditional on-stream schools. This format will allow individual anglers to receive more attention and to learn observation skills.  Learning new techniques and observing other anglers are vital to understanding the subtleties of fly fishing. So come alone or bring your friends and spend some time with me on the water having fun and learning at the same time.

Cost:  $60.oo/student      Limit: 3 per school      Gallery School Times: 7:30AM (rigged and ready)  to  12:30PM

Sign up and reserve these available dates, April 4, April 18, May 9, May 23, June 6, and June 13, by email at: andy@graygoatflyfishing.com  First come first serve.

Here’s how The Gallery School works:

Anglers will choose their destination of  stretches of water where I guide in Western Wisconsin.

Anglers will be rigged and ready to fish by 7:30Am at the pre-determined destination. This will eliminate the vast majority of weekend angler traffic and allow for prime water availability (I know this because anglers are generaly poor at getting up early).

Gallery School sizes are limited to 3 participants plus the guide. This measure keeps the group small allowing for a quality experience for the participants.

Participants, including the guide, will fish and observe on a rotational basis. This rotating format is the basis of the Gallery School and allows participants to experience, observe, comment and ask questions as we fish our way through the prime water holding lies identified by the guide.

The HOT SEAT is the term referring to the angler who is actively fishing in the rotation. The Gallery refers to those anglers who are observing. The Gallery is allowed to ask questions, make light-hearted comments, but most importantly, observe the other angler, while the guide selectively interjects with instructions.

The angler rotation changes in one of three(3) ways:

1. The angler in the Hot Seat hooks or “touches” a fish but does not land it.

2. The angler in the Hot Seat hooks and lands a fish.

3. The angler in the Hot Seat does not touch, hook, or catch a fish. At this point the Gallery becomes restless and the guide              will make the determination whether to move to a new piece of water or continue the rotation.

 * The guide(me) reserves the right to control the Gallery at any time for inappropriate behavior, intentions to insight a riot and lude and lascivious gestures (the lawyers made me put that in). 

The Gallery School provides an opportunity for fly anglers to see that fishing can be fun in small groups as well as a valuable learning experience. The rotational format allows for all anglers to participate equally while also learning the valuable skill of observation. By participating in a Gallery School, anglers will learn techniques that include every aspect of fly fishing from selecting your fly and identifying prime holding water to how to hook and land a fish properly.

Grab a few friends and sign up for this unique and economical opportunity to fish with me in my Gallery Schools.