Gary Asked: 
What does a Pass Lake streamer look like and what materials are used? Thank you!

The Pass Lake streamer is really what I would call an old time winged wet fly. Tom Helgeson from Midwest Fly Fishing once wrote an article about this fly in his magazine and had so many comments contradicting its origin and who originally tied it that it made his head spin, so I will not go there. There are numerous variations out there but this is the one I like best. This variation was tied by Ed Richards who has since passed away but remains one of my favorite. This is a regional fly and I have fished it all over the world with good success.

Pass Lake Streamer

Hook: 2x long wet fly or streamer hook

Thread: Red 8/0 or stronger


Tail: Golden pheasant tippets or brown hackle barbs

Rib: Gold or silver round tinsel

Body: Black chenille

Wing; White calf tail

Throat: Brown hackle barbs or soft hackle.