First and always, to the new friends and old that I ran into on the river. There is no better place to meet up. Even if the encounter is brief it always shines. To Steve and Eduardo, thanks for letting me take a run through your fishin hole and for your little kid excitement when it comes to this sport. You have taught me more than you know. Matt a response is on the way soon to you question/comment, I knew I would run into you somewhere on the river. To the two Gents from Illinois, I never got your names but through the mystical properties of the internet you let me know that my words and pictures are getting out there and that there is hope as I try to start this little business. Here is your picture from that day so you can show your wives that you really were fishing. Good meeting you, keep in touch.  



The flow rates for this time period were actually lower than the previous outing since no discernible rain had fallen. The water was low and clear which was not a good sign according to theory 106. 

Time of Day

Fish were hooked and landed in a similar time period as the week before. The water temps were slightly colder than last week dropping from 51 degrees to 47 on average. The fish activity came when the air, and probably the water temps rose slightly. When the sun hit the water and there was insect activity was when the bite came. It was good to know this because your fishing focus was heightened knowing this may be your only shot for the day. First light, first bite folks we talked to had very little luck and we were glad since we did not pull our sorry asses out of bed that early.

Fly Selection

We all run the standard 2 fly rigs using a strike indicator as a buoyant object to enable us to float the flies just over the bottom or over the top of rocks and snag monsters which are prevalent in the Brule and will eat flies like popcorn at a movie theater. There was no magic fly that worked for all of us! There was no data collected on hookups on lead fly vs. trail fly. There was no size of fly that worked better than others. All of us fish variations of Stone-flies from size 6 to 14. Prince Nymphs, PM Stones, X-leggs, Golden Stones, and wet flies of earth tone colors. Some use eggs with great success. We all, at times fish crazy colored stuff just to see if it works. I think the most important factor is knowing the water intimately and presenting the fly at the right depth at the right time.My statistician has sent me these numbers and charts for the time period.    


Landed/Hooked by Day and Person     

     Sat    Sun Mon Tue
angler 1     2/4  0/0 2/3    2/3
angler 2     0/4  0/0    
angler 3     1/2  2/4    
angler 4     1/1  1/1     0/2 3/3

    Hooked by Location and Day   

  Sat   Sun   Mon   Tue
Willow hole        1    2
Pine pool      4    2  
Grass run    2    1    
Dump pool   1      
Birthday hole   2     2  1
Beaver pot   6      3

Total of 26 Steelhead hooked and 13 landed

Steelhead smaller than 20″ are not counted in this data  

Additionally 1 Brown (>20”) hooked and landed  


To Those That Fish The Brule For Steelhead

I consider this some of the most difficult, challenging and most rewarding fishing on the planet. All of us experience fish-less days. Although this is tough on an angler mentally, all it takes is one hook-up to feel the power of the fish to make you understand the reward of perseverance. Continue to make the effort, the reward will come.

One More Note 

Bob caught a Muskie every day he fished! We consider him our Male Muskie Model. I know this picture was not the biggest one he caught last week but it was the best because I got to share it with him. From dead silence,,,,,,,,,, there was a grunt,,,,,,,,,a rocking of the boat,,,,,,,,,,and then the thrashing splashes. When I turned around all there was was smile from ear to ear on his face. That was worth it all.