Last night over 1 inch of rain fell in the area sending a spike in the flow rates of the local streams. I am checking sources now and will go out this afternoon to check on the water. Looks like the Kinni took it harder than the Rush. I’d give it a day or so but some stained water might do some good for the spookiness of the fish. The water has remained crystal clear for a long time. We needed the rain so it was a welcome storm last night. I just love the sounds in a good storm. The air temps and water temps have remained cool this summer which is a good thing for our trout. Lets hope for a steady cool down to get those browns active this September. The trout have been boom or bust in their activity level this month with the Tricos still out there in the AM. The last month the turkeys have made a push to show up in the back yard each day. Hens, chicks(if thats what you call the young), and Toms, all behaving differently. Does anyone know why they are so active at this time of year? Then there were these two that tried to get in my back patio door. They pecked so hard on the glass door I thought they would break it.