The fishing in the last week has been erratic at best. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to the behavior of the key players in this angling game. The Fish: Their role is most important and as usual the most difficult to figure out. One day there are bugs all over and no fish eating them. The next, fish up everywhere but uninterested in anything you throw at them. The Weather: This factor I keep a close eye on because it really can determine where I fish on any given day. I hate to say it because my best friend is a Meteorologist but, the ones I watch have been as far off the mark at predicting the weather lately as I have been at finding the cooperative, village idiot, non-selective trout. Predicting overcast, get sun. Predicting 80’s get 70’s. Predicting calm, get wind. Now, these poor predictions are not responsible for finicky fish but its nice to blame someone and this group of scientist are used to taking the heat anyway. The Water: The water has remained cool but clear. I think it looks and feels like it is in great shape for the middle of August yet deep pools and fast runs have not consistently produced fish. Hoppers, beetles, and ants have produced a few but seeming less looks, bumps and refusals than what I would consider usual. I don’t want you to get the impression that I’m not catching fish but sometimes I even wonder where those 2-7,000 fish per mile are hiding in this crystal clear water. 

 Two big factors I see that does, without a doubt make a difference in angler success(defined as catching fish in this case) is positioning and casting skill. Positioning is a big part of presentation especially at this time of year. The stream side grasses are high and the trees are in full foliage. Casting lanes are many times obstructed. Water clarity can determine casting distance because the fish can see you easier. Usually during the dog days you have one chance to position yourself correctly to make the cast, screw this up by getting tangled up or too close, and the fish are gone. Now you have to make the cast. Casting skill refers to the numerous aspects associated with delivering the fly including, but not limited to, distance, accuracy, pick-up, lay-down and line positioning. On picky fish these things also have to be done well in order to achieve success.  Oh yeah, don’t forget to pick the right fly.  All I’m saying today is that for those of you out there experiencing a bit of difficulty, your not alone. But its still fun.  One more thing. Trout Unlimited work day, Tuesday. Pine Creek. It’s beautiful. Be there, I will.  UPDATE: I will be unable to attend tomorrow’s work day. See ya next week. Andy

A reminder that we need your help on Tuesday, 8-12, 4 – 8 PM on Pine Creek. 


Work is progressing quickly and there is a lot to do.  Some regular volunteers are not going to be there because of prior engagements so we really need your help. 


There will be LUNKER building, possibly placement, seeding and mulching.  Bring gloves, water, boots, waders. 


WI 35 to Cty AA just south of Maiden Rock, east on AA(watch for the Maiden Rock Apples sign) to the site; you can’t miss it.  We need a good turnout of volunteers!