Just one kernel. Why did you pick that one kernel out of the bowl and put it in your mouth? There are hundreds to choose from, why did you choose that particular one. Most likely it is just pure chance and that’s that. Trout on Tricos are the same way. There not choosing a particular bug, Their choice is random also. There are 27,000,000,000 bugs on the water all at the same time. They pick the one or five that are on their nose when they decide to rise. My Big Horn guide always told me “the best way to catch trout during a Trico hatch is to put the fly in their mouth”. Now this is easier said than done, but It can happen and its fun when it does. What I’m saying is practice your accuracy, this is one important factor. Trout DO have stations that they take up and stay in until they are spooked. Another factor is the “Completely Different Bug Theory”. Try something completely different. Wayne Bartz of Southeast Minnesota uses his PG caddis pattern during the tough times of a Trico hatch. This fly was just featured in the May issue of Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine. Yesterday I used some small(#22) beetle patterns with some success. Hopper Dropper is a good choice at this time also. Many have tried to defeat the snooty Browns by changing to variations ofย the same pattern(I carry 12 different Trico spinner patterns, 8 dun patterns, 4 cripple/captive patterns and 2 nymph patterns all in two small boxes). When I have made my 5th pattern change I switch to something completely different and sometimes it works!