On this day I was late. It was only supposed to be a scouting mission but the hatch was in full swing by the time I reached the stream at 6:40AM. The pods, the heads, the gulpers, call them what you like but they were all there. The spinner fall was not huge but the fish were fat leading me to believe the cycle had been going for a few days. The water was clear and the fish would spook on an errant cast. It seemed as though the one fish one fly rule was in effect because I had to change the pattern each time I caught a fish out of a particular group. The mood was anxious as I re-tied not knowing when the surface action would cease. If I would move, the same patterns would work on different fish. Who Knows! By 10:30 it was done. This timing will change on a daily basis. Work on going to bed early and getting up early. Thats your clue for today.