Today I recieved an email from Eric. It read:Not becomming a very reliable source for updates…14 days oldThis is my responseEricFirst I apologize for the reliability of the stream reports and the lack of updating during this period of time. As you may or may not know, Bentley’s Outfitters is going out of business. We are nearing the end of our run of providing these services to you after almost 13 years. The closing of the shop has been a difficult, busy and saddening time for me, especially since I eat, sleep and live fly fishing and have invested a significant portion of my life to become one of a very few anglers who is able to provide you with this information on my home streams. From your response, I am assuming you have looked at the reports previously and used the information as a helpful tool to support your angling experience. I have looked through my 4000 customer data base and do not find your name. If you have chosen not to be on my mailing list I respect that and your privacy alike. If you are a regular customer and I don