Three days of wind, rain, cold and fun were endured by the crew to open the Wisconsin Catch and Release Trout season. The rivers were in good shape with the edges still heavy with ice. Snow in the valleys is reasonably light with about 8-12 inches on the hill sides. The uplands have only 4-6 inches, so the walking was only moderately difficult. Snow shoes on the walk up and out of the valley was helpful since the snow was dry and slippery. Water temps began in the upper 30s and only rose to 40 on each of the three days we fished. This slight rise was enough to get the fish active and feeding. Rising fish were up in the afternoon on each day, mainly on the soft, clear, spooky sections of water. By far, more fish were caught on nymphs or wets than on dries but you still had a chance at rising fish each day. Midges were in the air and on the snow banks. I was told small black Stoneflies were also out but I did not see any myself. The fish were hungry and fed on a myriad of patterns from size #6 Hares ears to #20 black Copper Johns. Deep pools were the best but fish were caught on the seams and edges of faster water as well. Special thanks to Randy for the use of MANWORLD, renting of the Biffy, and Jody for her hospitality. Thanks to Clay, John, Jeff, Rob and Jeff for the ability to break the fun meter. Jim, 20 something in a row and I cant wait for the next one. Thanks for the memories and the great thought provoking story this year. Gordo, good as gold once again. Our adventures have always been top notch