Not much has changed around the region sinse I last wrote.Trico’s are still in full swing in the early am on most of the rivers. Dry, Dropper has worked well with small nymphs (20 -22) as droppers through the riff’s and runs. Caddis, Hoppers, and Strimulators in large sizes for the lead fly has been my best bet. I fish less with a strike indicator at this time of year because of the low clear water. The dry seems to work better and can catch fish too! I will use a small piece of yarn if I do use an indicator because it will land softly and not spook any fish. Some new Ant patterns From Rainy’s Flies have come into the shop and are so realistic I ate a few for lunch today. Thanks for continuing to read through the Dog Days and my neglect in keeping up with the reports through this time period when very little changes on our trout streams. Use the CODE WORD: NUTCRACKER on your next visit to let me know your a reader and its worth a free fly for your collection. Make sure you do this befor my next report for Wisconsin comes out.Good Luck Andy