To whom it may concern,WE NEED RAIN! The rivers are as low and clear for this time of year as I ever have seen. The sun is intense and it is having an effect on the spring fishing. Here are a few points of advice that helped yesterday. Get out early or late. This means sunrise or stay until after dark. This is when the insect life is active. There are clouds of cream midges morning and evening. The fish were taking midge emergers and P.tails in size 20 and smaller. Find stretches of water were canyon walls are on the east and west sides and fish them when they are shaded. Fish were in less than a foot of water and in shade. The best combinations in this water were dry fly/dropper rigs with the dropper at about a foot long. Elk hair Caddis in tan and olive in size 14 with a small bead head dropper provided the most action. The fish hit both flys. Hydrate yourself with at least 32oz of water or Gatoraid before you go. I changed tactics all day and we did catch fish but we worked for them. Don