The streams of the region are in good shape, slightly high and slightly stained. The conditions could become a bit variable with the warm temps running off the last remaining snow. Fish have become more active in the last week and should be tugging on anglers flies all weekend. Black Stoneflies and Midges have been spotted on a variety of waters and will provide most of the dry fly action for the near future. Look for some BWO’s to start soon also. Patterns to have in your arsenal include Stone fly nymphs sizes #10-20 in black, Copper johns in black and copper #14-20, and scudds in orange, pink, and gray. Other nymphs include the infamous pink squirell, P. tail, hares ear, and various soft hackles. The Drys include Griffiths gnat in #18-22 Black or gray midge adult patterns in the same size range. The fish will also eat Trico patterns or small black caddis patterns if presented reasonably. Hope you are all planning to attend the Greatwaters2007 show March 30 through April 1st. Bentleys has just learned that Author/Icon Garry Borger will be in the booth with us on Saturday and Sunday. Gary will be introducing his new line of fly rods and tying flys at the booth. Cast these fine rods at the show. These new rod can also be seen on Gary’s Website or the website for The Fly Shop at Redding Ca.