Day 1 SaturdayA great weekend of fishing was had by all the ice cubes in the group. Saturday was a blue bird day with cold temps. The Kinni was cold (38 degrees) and was slightly stained. Donning the snow shoes we hiked along the river in the lower valley. Fishing was hit and miss with a variety of patterns working to catch fish. Scudds in orange, gray, pink and olive all worked. Small black nymph patterns like Copper John, Kinni Nymph, and black Hares ear also produced fish in sizes 16-20. Ice-up on guides was a problem. Day 2 SundaySunday was a bit warmer but not by much. Air temp was in the 20’s in the valley but the sun was out. Fish did not come until early afternoon where we fished but the temps were high enough for some hatch activity to begin. A few were taken on drys using a Griffiths gnat with a midge pupa trailer. The late afternoon on the upper Kinni found the river very discolored. A few fish were caught on #10 black buggers and black soft hackles in 18. Did anyone else see the dark water on the upper Kinni Sunday afternoon or know the cause?Day 3The temps were moving in the wrong direction for today. Water temps were 37 degrees late in the day. Gordo managed to land the first trout of the day and only a few more were caught as we departed the river around 4PM. Look for temps to rise towards the weekend but check back if you are unsure about the run off that is yet to come.