Tricos, crickets, and hoppers have all been good choices on the streams as of late. Anglers have had good action and low pressure on the waters of Western Wisconsin. The browns should begin to stir and get more active as the days shorten and spawning looms near. A customer who cleaned a few fish to eat recently said the stomaches were packed so tightly with food he was suprised the fish could eat any more. This is the time for the trout to eat like mad, they know winter is just around the corner (sorry). If you are having a slow day, MOVE to another location in hopes of finding fish who have not just gordged themselves with food. Bentley’s is now finaly settled in and we have set the dates for our Grand Re-opening. This will be an entire week of DEALS, SPECIALS, AND GIVE AWAYS. The dates will be NOVEMBER 14-17 and finish up on Friday the 18 and Saturday the 18 With the long awaited return of Bentleys Tackle Swap! This will be a week of great savings and treasure hunting for all of our customers who have followed us to our new location, and a good time for new customers to see what Bentley’s is all about. This is the first communication about this event so by all means get the word out. There will be more to come. Thanks for your support.