Cautious wadding, cold weather, and mixed results has been the general buzz so far this early season. The thick ice shelves have made wadding a bit treacherous so far this winter. Spiked boots or a studded sole of some type has helped, but move slowly and cautiously along the banks to insure your saftey. There have been some nice days since the first of January and I hope you were able to get out and fish the southeastern waters. Cold, has been the rule so far and i think the angling traffic has been sparse to this point. If you find fish, STAY ON THEM! Chances are you can pull a fair number of fish from the same spot. The trouble has been getting them to eat, and finding the HONEY HOLES where they are all congregating. Orang Scudds, Prince nymphs, and Caddis larva, in smaller (16-20), sizes have worked well for those who have found hungry fish