After my last reports a few good anglers informed me they were finding fish keying in on specific patterns and were able to get them to eat on a regular basis on a single fly. I found out the locations and times and went to see for myself. Here’s what I discovered yesterday. The fish were taking what was on the water and you could catch them if your presentation was perfect. However each time I moved upstream I found the fish feeding on something different. First it was small rusty spinners, about size 18. Then, a PMD dun. It all finished off with #14 Caddis in olive skittered upstream in the riffles. The strikes on the Caddis were aggressive and these were the biggest fish of the evening. The strikes on the duns were more suttle and the rise to the spinners on the first run were almost non detectable. The true spinner rise can be so suttle you can miss it if you don’t concentrate on the water, especially in low light. There is alot more great fishing to be had and there have been Tricos spotted on the Rush in the early AM but the fish don’t appear to be on them yet.