The waters are clear and getting spooky on the Rush and the Kinni. The cool temps and partly cloudy skies have kept fishing good throughout the day. The evenings have brought more active fish to the surface. During the evening hatches try a small soft hackle, 18 or 20 as the trail behind a big fluffy dry you can see in the low light. I use a big, #10 or 12 Caddis or Wulff. I carry an assortment of soft hackles in different colors and sizes. Tan is the most productive on those picky fish at dusk, and s.h. Pheasant tail during the day. Make sure you have your rig floating high,including your leader and the tip of your line. In addition DONOT grease or apply floatant to your trailing line or fly. this will enable your soft hackle to sink just below the surface, this is by far the hardest level to achieve and maintain in the water collumn and the fish will feed there more often as we go through the summer months.