Soon my friends soon! The date is set! That date is March the 6th. I repeat March 6th. Many through the shop have commented about how March 1st will be a glorious day out on some Wisconsin stream, but don’t you be the one with a freshly printed DNR ticket for fishing trout out of season. The early Catch and Release season will open on the first Saturday in March just as the harvest opener will begin on May 1st ,the first Saturday in the month of May. Please make a note! The streams are in great condition with good snow cover and more water on the way. Take these next two weeks and get out and scout the waters you have not fished before. Visit your favorite spots to see if they have changed. My flies are lining up in their boxes getting ready for battle. The cold winter is hopefully comming to an end! We at Bentley’s hope this will be a great fishing year for you. The new toys and gadgets are beginning to show up at the shop so stop by and take a look. The Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo, if you have not heard, is the first Expo of its kind to be held in our area. The show is gaining popularity throughout the Midwest and is sure to be a great event in April. Check it out at,