Wow!Hay Creek, South of the town of Red Wing was the place. 8AM with a stream temp. of 38 degrees was where we started. The fishing was good all morning and continued into the afternoon. Fish were taking all forms of sub-surface flies and were not shy. Hares ears, Pheasant tails, grey and olive scudds in sizes 12 to 16 all produced fish. The fish were in all types of water from fast to slow with higher concentrations in the deep pools. We fished all day from a crawling or seated position as a general rule. Stay low, out of sight and out of the water as much as you can. The temps are about to drop, so get out soon. Make sure you know the boundaries of the water you are fishing, some stream boundaries have changed for 2004. We have stream maps and info on the water that is open at the shop. Do not fish the water on Hay Creek upstream of the 325th street bridge. There are Redds, (spawning beds) that should not be disturbed.Thanks to John, one of the land owners along Hay for his kind words and valuable information. John, the eagles were great fun to watch. Only in Minnesota would one be able to find a person enjoying a drive in an open aired Jeep, wearing a big fur hat on January 1! Thanks for the snapshot in time!!In other reports I received today, the Whitewater, the Root, and their tributaries fished a bit slower. A front moved through around 12PM slowing the bite dramatically. This is the first report of the year so I