Wow! I can’t believe so few anglers are out to fish one of the best hatches of the year. The Tricos are out in force and the fish are keyed on the spinner fall around 8 AM and are not near as “selective” as the will become. Most spots on the Rush and Kinni have been great in the morning. The lower Kinni by “F” bridge has been the least productive on this hatch so far. I found a camo Cabellas brim hat on Tuesday morning around the 730th parking spot on the Rush. I hope your rod was not on the top of your car along with your hat when you drove off. I looked for a rod but did not find one. The evenings around dusk have also been productive using attractors such as Royal Wuff, Coachman, and Humpies in size 14. As you may or may not know Sage has purchased Reddington Tackle Co. of Stuart Fl. This has rendered most of Reddingtons inventory discontinued and is thus on sale for 30% off at Bentley’s. Also rods from Winston( BL5, DL4, XTR, LTX ), Sage ( RPLXI ), ST. Croix ( Ultra Legend ), Reddington ( NTI, NTIQ, DFR ), Orvis ( Superfine, and some TLS ) are also 30% off. Need new breathable waders? They are also 30% off on both Orvis and Reddington models. Even if you need a backup you can’t beat these prices. Clothing from Simms and Reddington 30% off. Fly lines from 4 different manufactures are 40% off on this years lines! Reels, you bet we have them on sale. Lots of stuff going on in the industry, don’t miss these deals because stock is limited.