Tricos! The time again has come for this nice hatch of small Mayflies. Both the Kinni and the Rush are seeing ” The White Winged Curse” in the early morning hours. This hatch is one of the best for ” small dry fly fishing ” of the year. The hatch has been in progress for a while, and appears to be building in strength. The cool down will probably push the hatch to a little later in the morning than the previous week. Look for morning temps. to approach 68 degrees for the spinner falls and remember Dun and nymph activity will happen before that! At 5:30 AM a week ago it was 72 degrees and humid. When might the best activity have happened? Tricos range in size from 18-22, and are best fished on 6X and 7X tippets. DISCLAIMER: This hatch does not happen river wide, take the time to find out about this insect, it will bring you wisdom.